What We Support?

The Madison Firefighter's Hockey Club is a 100% not-for-profit entity that support the local community through Local-311 Charities, Madison Ice Inc. Disabled Youth Programs and Make-A-Wish Wisconsin.  Here is direct link to their mission statements:

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How To Get Involved/Donate?

1)  If you are interested in
donating to these charities, you can send monetary donations to:
 'Fire on Ice' Tournament
            725 Forward Drive
            Madison, WI 53711
           (Please make checks out to 'Fire on Ice')

                        Sponsorship Levels: 2014_Fire_On_Ice_sponsorship_levels.pdf
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2)  If you are interested in donating an item to the silent auction/raffle, please contact:
            Andrea Chaffee
            'Fire on Ice' Tournament Coordinator

3)  Or click on PayPal link to donate online:

  High-Level Sponsors:

The Great Dane Pub and Brewing Co.
Smart Motors
First Business Bank
Woodman's Markets
American Transmission Company
Clear Channel
ESPN Radio
Reliant Fire Apparatus

*Click on links below for sponsor information*








Other Contributors:

State Street Brats
Van Galder Bus Company
Burn Fitness-Verona
Dos Amigo's DJ Service
Big Boy Belts
Paul Conway Shields
Middleton Sports & Fitness
Breakaway Sports Center
Jefferson Fire & Safety
Duluth Trading Company

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